You Are More Beautiful Than You Think

This video has been blowing up all over Facebook this week.  My friend, Emily, sent it to me yesterday because my post about prejudice reminded her of this video.  I finally watched it after her recommendation and all I can say is WOW.  If you haven’t watched it yet, it really is worth three minutes.  I’ll spend at least three minutes today mentally criticizing myself, so I clearly have the spare time!

I had an awesome girls’ lunch at Marti’s at Midday yesterday with Nicole and Libby.  We were talking about how we think of ourselves and what we think is important about describing ourselves.  I said that the first word that pops into my head when asked to describe myself is “overweight.”  AS IF that conveys any real information about me and who I truly am.  BAH!  Back to the therapy couch!

13 thoughts on “You Are More Beautiful Than You Think

  1. Heart To Harp

    I don’t do FaceBook so didn’t see this video. Tears are welling up now. Such a revelation to see oneself through another’s eyes, eyes unimpaired by the filters that block us from seeing our trues selves and our true beauty. And it reminds me to listen to myself play music through another’s ears as well, to allow myself to believe that the music holds beauty when what I hear are the mistakes.

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  3. DeeAnn Cox

    What you need is some WOW BOOT CAMP therapy girl! Exercise makes you feel so much better about EVERYTHING!!

    1. Baddest Mother Ever

      There’s another post about that coming up…

      Boot camp taught me that thinness isn’t what makes me happy. STRENGTH is what makes me happy. I feel most like me when my body feels strong.

  4. debrahelwig

    So true. Every word. I just wrote a post myself that tried to connect and amplify what you’ve said to so many of the other negative things going on this week. This was a message we all needed to hear, especially in the face of so much horrible-ness in the world around us. There is more beauty – inside us, around us, ahead in the world for us – than we can possibly imagine. We just have to believe. Thank you for writing this and inspiring us all. *big hug*

  5. Michelle

    Wow! This made me cry big time– especially because my husband watched it with me and said that he was really glad I saw that, because he wishes I could see myself the way he sees me. (All I can see right now is my grossly swollen ankles and the– horrifying– 55 pounds I’ve gained at 8 months pregnant!) He always says I’m way too hard on myself, and I’m 100% sure if I participated in this project, I would describe myself unkindly (to say the least).
    Thank you for posting– I think it fits into yesterday’s post quite nicely, and I think it’s really important to share… I wish all adolescent girls would watch this too. The self-doubt starts way too early.

  6. maryhelenc

    I struggle with this campaign because while it’s very powerful, the same people who run the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty also create the ads for Axe. It just feels so hypocritical, but I really loved this particular video. I know I’m really hard on myself when it comes to my appearance.


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