An Encourager

message noteOne of the biggest lessons I ever learned fit on a Post-It note.  Back in 1994, I worked with a delightful woman named Lana.  Very positive, gentle and bright.  I stopped by her cubicle one day to ask a question and spied a yellow Post-It note pinned above her phone with these three words:

Be An Encourager

That’s all.  Be an encourager.  A powerful message–I knew instantly exactly what it meant and I’ve carried that simple message for 20 years.

“You can do it.”

“It will be OK.”

“I believe in you.”

“Go on, Girl!”

“Try again.”

“You’ve done scarier stuff than this.”

“Just keep swimming.”

Give Lana’s advice a try today!  You can do it!

5 thoughts on “An Encourager

  1. Brandy Hayes

    Thanks Ashley! I will carry this sticky note advice with me today and over the next several months. Movers are coming today and I’m heading for North GA!

    Love reading this blog!

  2. Heart To Harp

    Keep that post-it note close at hand as you get ready for your trip to the blogHer conference! Encouraging our very own selves is as important as encouraging others.